Digital Asset News discusses subjects relating to digital assets in the wider sense, this might include fintech, content-digital assets, crypto assets, Big Data, internet of things, metadata and other data management subjects.


Editorial Guidelines

Educational or opinion-oriented articles about the subject of Digital Assets are welcome.  Any gratuitously commercial articles that are non-neutral or clearly intent on promoting a product or service will be rejected.

For feature articles we require at least 1,000 words of copy.  We do not accept article submissions for the news section, however, if you believe you have a news item which you think we should cover (which might relate to a commercial service or product you are associated with) then you are welcome to propose it, although we may or may not write about it.

Embargo policy

Please advise if your content has an embargo.  Preferably, do not send it to us until open for general release, we do not usually publish exclusives and the content is comment-oriented.

Press Links

We like to be able to point our readers to copies of press releases so they can read it for themselves and make their own minds up. Please include links to publicly accessible websites with copies of your release (whether on your own site or other press release aggregators)

Digital Asset News Editor

Ralph Windsor, Editor, ralph.windsor at daydream dot co.uk